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A. Eicoff

Alvin M. Eicoff, a Chicago advertising executive has died at the age of 80, but wait, that’s not all.  


Eicoff pioneered the use of late-night television commercials that demonstrated products and urged viewers to rush to the phone to order them, but there’s still more.  In 1982, Eicoff wrote the book “… or Your Money Back” which described the technique for making success infomercials.


What do you think, one, maybe two achievements?  What if we tell you that he produced the “101 Great Moments in Music” commercial for Columbia House, which ran for 15 years.  Now what do you think of his life?  


How about we throw in the fact that he sold his own company A. Eicoff & Company to Ogivy & Mather in 1981 or that he is survived by his wife, Helene and two sons.  


In Lieu of flowers, operators are standing by for charitable donations.

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