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Clifton Hillegass

A Brief Summary of “The Life and Times of Clifton Hillegass”

Characters:              Clifton Hillegass,  two wives, four children, a stepson
                                  and seven grandchildren

Chapter One:          Born Clifton Keith Hillegass, Rising City, Nebraska in 1918.

Chapter Two:          Graduates Midland Lutheran College, works at Nebraska Book                                   Company.  Briefly serves as a meteorologist in the Army Air Corps.


Chapter Three:       Gets $4,000 loan in 1958 to publish his initial batch of CliffsNotes. 

                                  Sells 58,000 copies in first year.


Chapter Four:         Sells Cliffs Notes to IDG Books in 1998 for $14 million.


Chapter Five:          Dies May 5, 2001


Summary:               Visionary finds way for many to know much while doing little.

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