We Need A "Not Father's Day"

This post was originally published at smerconish.com Once again, Father’s Day is upon us, and as someone who both had a father and is a father, I cannot stress enough just how much of an unnecessary and even horrible idea this Hallmark-generated faux holiday is. To understand just why I and most fathers actually dread this day, let us first understand why it exists in the first place. The obvious answer is because there’s a Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day was originally the idea of Ann Reeves Jarvis, who after the Civil War, tried to heal a divided town in West Virginia by bringing together mothers of Confederate and Union soldiers. While it helped heal the rift in that one particular town, Ann

Four Thoughts on Roseanne's Firing

This post was originally published at smerconish.com The recent saga involving Roseanne, her abhorrent tweets, the cancellation of her show, and the public reaction, both for and against, has once again revealed a few absolutes we must remember when it comes to contemporary America and racism: People with racist, anti-semitic, and other repugnant beliefs can do their best to suppress those views, but those views are always waiting under the surface for an opportunity to reveal themselves. There are certain words, expressions and characterizations that simply constitute the third rail of public discourse, which you can never touch, no matter what your intent or actual beliefs. If you are a pa

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