In Praise of Donald Trump

Yeah, I know, but first hear me out. As a comedy writer, making fun of Donald Trump would seem to be the go to move, and believe me, for a while I was right there. The problem was that so was everyone else. I’d get on stage and say, “Donald Trump is our president” and before I could offer the joke I’d worked hard to craft, the audience would already be laughing, not in anticipation of my quip but because they were all making up their own comedic contributions. Between his tweets, his narcissistic boasts, his delusional assertions of obvious falsehoods, and his laughable declarations that everything he’s done so far is the best, or most, or greatest ever in the history of this country, if

Confessions of a Stand-up Addict

Hi, I’m Glenn and I’m addicted to stand-up. Not watching it but performing it and the truth is that up until about a year ago I had no idea about my addiction. I’d been watching stand-ups all my life, memorized routines when I was much younger, and spent a number of years as a regular on the Los Angeles stand-up circuit, but I never thought of it as something that I had to do, it was just something I did, like an internship in the comedy business that would lead to a real job, whatever that might be. Besides, it was fun. I also that during the 20 plus years since I stopped performing I would often watch others and think about how they were missing the best line, how they could make their

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